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Mickey Deymon

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Director's Statement

“Filming and writing is a gateway to my imagination. It is a place where I can escape reality for a moment in time and forget about my problems in life. It is such a great feeling to have an idea or a memory and share it with the rest of the world either through writing or a motion picture. One that you'll never forget and will always remember. Every time I film, I have the need for more. Every time I write, I feel the need to film. Through writing, I can express my feelings. Through film, I show the world what life is about. Life is a book, every day is a different chapter. Every choice you make creates a different scenario in which you must try to resolve, and based on the decisions that you make, that is how you’ll know how your story is going to end. As usual we don’t always like certain endings, but that is why today we are still striving and trying to succeed in life. Now that I found my true calling, nothing will stop me now. Welcome to the beginning of my life’s expedition: the beginning of story telling through writing or a Motion Picture because that’s what makes me happy. That’s what makes me stronger and that’s where I belong.”

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