Braxton's first day of school turns out to be a tragic experience when he meets his bullies for the first time. Having to deal with his aggressors, he meets Gil, another victim who’s been longing for revenge. Together with his new buddy, they take matters into their own hands but things escalate to a different level once retaliation goes horribly wrong.

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MALE 20-25’s -Geek and quiet. Very intelligent but antisocial. Skinny, short and wears glasses. He is a Germophobe and does not like to be touched. Loves Opera and instrumental music. He idolizes his mother even though he did not grow up with her. He is obsessive, manipulative, resentful and impulsive. Suffers from depression due to verbal/Physical abused from his father.  Shows psychopathic behaviors. Shallow emotions towards people, except his fellow class mate, Bianca who he has an obsessive crush on. Does have a lack of remorse or empathy. Tends to show Childish behaviors and tantrums. (AFRICAN AMERICAN)