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 Cheech Vitale a professional Stunt performer with lots of experience in acrobatics, pro wrestling training, and some martial arts training, with parkour experience. 
Cheech got his initial start doing stunts for YouTube videos then moved is way into indie films and trained under stunt legends at the Quiet Storm stunt clinic, and La stunt Boot Camp to learn more about the business. 
So, check out www.cheechvitale.com for more details about this ninja! Cheech Vitale's videos speaks for itself what he can do for your production!



Nominated for best action sequence for Last Dog Standing. Now, it is Called The Handler!

Cheech Vitale
Gee "Lil Bomb" Jay




Hector Soria is an actor/ fight/stunt coordinator and assistant director, known for Around Every Corner(2015), Nostrae Realitate (2013) and Behind the Scenes of Around Every Corner (2015).

Hector has been practicing martial art since he was 7 years old. He has trained and competed in taekwondo, judo, capoeira, Muay Thai, and Kyokushin karate. His passion for martial arts and film has given him the opportunity to do what he loves, bringing martial arts alive in movies as a choreographer, fight director, stunt coordinator, and stunt performer. He has also had the opportunity to act in minor roles.  


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Andrew Kim 

"What once started as a promotion tool for my martial arts school has now become my own channel. I focus on martial arts movies because they have a special place in my heart. I just love the philosophy behind them and the action. As I continue to receive more subscribers, I intend to keep doing what i love"

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