Is it LOVE or an IDEA?

Me: I don't feel good.

LORRY: What do you feel?

Me: I feel pain. Rejection. disappointment. I feel used and untrusting.


Me: I thought the guy I was falling for, loved me back, but he didn’t. I feel lied to and betrayed.

LORRY: You feel that way because he didn’t meet your expectations?

Me: Yes!

LORRY: What did you do about it?

Me: I broke up with him, blocked him from my life and moved on.

LORRY: So why are you still sad now?

Me: Because it hurts.

LORRY: Why does it hurt?

Me: It just does. I was getting attached to this human and now, not having him around saddens me.

LORRY: Why is this person so important to you?

Me: At first he was Romantic, caring, loving and affectionate, which is what made me fall in love with him then.

LORRY: So you fell for him because of his actions? not his persona?

Me: I guess...

LORRY: If his actions is what you miss, and what has disappointed you in the first place, then you weren’t really in love with this person. You were falling for an Idea. In other words, a fantasy developed by the mind, which in this case had no meaning.

Me: So what you’re saying is; if this idea wouldn’t have turned out as good, I would not be feeling this way?

LORRY: What I’m saying is; “An idea is not necessarily wrong if it is proven to be true”.

Me: Then I guess, it wasn’t a factual feeling.

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