Parallel Universe and Other Theories

Have you ever wondered if there are Different universes with You in it? Are they from Different times or repeated lives? sort of like Reincarnation ?? Would that explain why there are Twins? Triples etc. in this world? Are they Different "You's" from different dimensions brought to life in this present time mistakenly ? like a (Glitch) in the system? Without those twins in their respective worlds, What would happen to the other dimensions ? When a "You" dies in this dimension, what will happen to the other you's in other worlds? Do you spawn? or does your life keep going without the "You" in this present world? Does our story repeat itself again in these dimensions? or If we make different choices then would our outcomes be different every time? Does this explain the reasons for dejavus? When we feel like a place or thing looks familiar? Then what about premonitions? When we get a gut feeling about something? and you know something is wrong? Does this mean that something happened in the past life? and you develop these FEARS or Phobias, like a warning or a memory of how you died in another dimension? If humans are limited to certain abilities, which is why we use special devices and instruments such as microscopes, telescopes, X rays, microwaves etc, to see beyond the naked eye, Then could we possibly create a device that will allow us to see other dimensions? Or do we just need to use more than 10% percent of our brain? Does that explain special abilities like Telekinesis, and telepathy etc? But why is it that some people that are extremely smart, are born with disabilities? Is it because their bodies cant handle such capacity of brain functionality or special abilities? If there are different dimensions or parallel universes, then what are aliens? Are they just simply other species from other worlds in this One Universe? or are Aliens "US" in the future? Future "US" who have the ability to time travel? and change things. But why would they travel to the past? Do they want to change an outcome? Like a Mandela Effect? Why would they want to change things? what did we do in the furture that might want to change the outcome? Then what is Heaven? Is heaven just another term for The Universe? If The Universe is made up of just energy and matter, then How are these energy sources created? Is it created when we are born? Then if it is created when we are born, Is energy the same thing as a soul? or Consciousness? Does consciousness die? And does it go back to the universe? Or does it remain amongst us? Does it manifest in human forms, angels or demons?Then what are demons and angels ? Are they also part of consciousness? Or just positive or negative energy? Can we create these energies or beings with our thoughts? Why cant we see them? Such as the Theory of Energy, When we die we go back to the Universe as An Energy Source. But who controls the Source? Where does the Source go? What is this Energy source? Then what is the purpose of life? What is the purpose of our purpose? If god is the creator of everything And we cant live without God, then that means, the purpose is “God”. God is the creator or the Engineer of this virtual reality Or is God an Alien? The perfect Human Alien from the perfect Planet (UToPIA) or as we call it, (Heaven)? Then, if there are multiple realities, every choice that we make creates a different alternative. If there are different alternatives then we need to perfect our choices until it leads us to UTOPIA? Was Jesus genetically engineered? Or was he born special? which caused him to use higher percent of his brain and to develop special abilities. Then that means he knew how to make The Perfect choices in life, which lead him to UTOPIA. Then does that mean, he was The Perfect Human? What if this is a Matrix or a virtual reality?When we die, do we wake up to the real world? Technology has come so advanced, today we have 7D dimensional images. Could Our intelligence be a software or (skills and abilities) that our Brain learns every now and then. Like a computer?

What do you think?

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