Power of Elite

Our Society has been facing many issues with our political parties, big corporations, even our own law enforcements. Today these factors are what decide the way we live in our own society. A famous sociologist who had a similar theory about this issue was C. Wright Mills. He was a social theorist that spoke about the Power of Elite. How businesses, politics, and our military controls our society and how he wanted a social reform. In our society, certain businesses are causing problems for the working class community. For instance, Corrupted corporations like PayPal who likes to terminate new sellers accounts and hold their money for 6 months while they collect interests like a bank from the victims own money. Another example would be, when big corporations like Target, Wal-Mart, etc build their Stores in a community to better our way of living, and bringing more employment for those who seek. However this also causes a big issue to smaller business owners in that community who go out of business because of the competition. This will also force these individuals from that community to work for that corporation or work for other people, and in some instances work for minimum wage.

Political parties are also a big issue in our society. We have them so that they can represent us as citizens, make laws, and run the country. But we always have certain corrupted politicians, and law makers who create laws that does not apply to them, and the ones who keeps all the money while their citizens decay in poverty, and the United States overflows with debt. We don’t necessarily have a problem with our military, but we definitely do have a huge problem with our Law Enforcement. After the Boston Marathon Bombings in 2013 under the Obama Administration, America has turned into a police state and more and more of our Constitutional rights are being violated. Police officers are killing innocent people instead of protecting them and nothing is being done about it. More of these police brutalities are being recorded everyday through YouTube, Facebook and other social media. Thanks to these witnesses we are able to see what is really going on out on the streets and how we can protect ourselves if any of these confrontational situations arises.

With this we see that the story repeats itself in different ways but we as humans never learn. In a way C. Wright Mills was right about Power of the Elite and how we should have more social reforms. We should be more involved and aware of the things that are happening across the country and what is destroying our society.

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