What is love anyway? 📝❤️

Means you have affection towards somebody in such a way that you end up worshiping or adoring that person greatly. It means you love that person so much that you are willing to give up everything no matter what. In certain circumstances even your life. It’s like you’ve become tied up with this unknown phenomenon and somehow you can’t free yourself from its invisible grasps. In the end when things are not going so well, you had enough and realized how blind you have become. You want to let go and liberated yourself from its grip, but it just won’t let go. Not without a fight. It kills you from the inside, devouring your heart, while it destroys your soul. There is nothing you can do but bleed out the pain and suffocate until you give up even on yourself. It leaves you alone for a while, enough to heal but then keeps coming back to hurt your wounds. Hunts you like a lion hunts its pray. Won’t leave you alone until the little devotion you had left now turned into hatred. Life changes completely, while you turn into a terrible beast. Hate the world, hate life, everything around you. Becoming so afraid of loving again, you feel defenseless and like everyone attacks you. You don’t trust anyone. Not realizing, you start turning more and more aggressive towards people that really care about you and end up hurting them too. Sooner or later you have no one and you’re lonely in this world. You don’t have anyone to help you but yourself. Until out of nowhere, when you least expect it, love walks by and gives you a hand once more. Confused, but at the same time knowing you just can’t let that opportunity go, and unconsciously you open up your heart again. Then: “Walla” You start all over again. Love has you in its hands. This time it doesn’t betray you, nor hurt you. This time it goes smooth and easy on you. Your love starts to grow tremendously, in just minutes. It’s the BEST FEELING you have ever had in your whole life. So what is love actually? Is it something that deceives you when it wants to? Or something that teaches you a lesson in life so that when real love comes around, you’ll know exactly what to do differently? Maybe something that helps you love or forget when you really need to. Or maybe just a bipolar emotion? Whatever Love is. It sure is a mystery.

- Mickey Deymon #mickeydeymon

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