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Mickey Deymon is very talented and her imagination is prodigious. She enjoys painting, writing, acting, filming and music. She developed a passion for Film after her first project in 2010 in which she Directed and Acted. Besides her passion in the film industry, she also wrote her first book Detarru Island in 2012 and had the opportunity to published in the year 2018.

She passionately networked with many in the industry and got some Acting and Directing skills.  She filmed her second short film called El Barbero in 2014, who's idea was by her friend, Albert Nouel. Within a week, it reached 7000 views, which concluded a result of 26.000 today. Because the audience loved the Horror comedy short so much, she decided to film other bigger productions in which she Involved more people. In 2014, she filmed her Third project El Exorcismo de Anna which got her into Telemundo 47 Acceso Total show on a LIVE interview and many radio talk shows. She later filmed her Fourth Project called Robin (Teaser) which she directed, acted and wrote. Robin Teaser was produced by John Thomas and Co-Directed by Deshon Hardy, Director of The Lake on Clinton Road. Robin was accepted at the Best Short Competition Film Festival and at the Urban Action Showcase which was nominated by HBO/CINEMAX. Her film was also accepted at the Winter Film Awards Festival, and was also Nominated for an award in 2016.


Robin teaser was a huge learning experience and it jump-started her film career. It challenged her to take her skills to a whole new level. In 2016, she filmed Short Action Film DUO
and it won a Special Mention Award at the Global Shorts Film Festival.
Besides her recent film nominations and Award, she was also nominated by Telemundo 47 as best Actress of the year 2016 by Premios Urbano.

She is recently working on other productions. More projects to come...

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